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Date Posted: 03/23/15

Double Crown Resources, Inc. (DDCC)


One of my readers who has pointed me to a few good situations early enough to be able to have my readers take a position before the investing public gets on the company’s bandwagon in the past, suggested that I begin an investigation of this one.

Since he has been right in several emerging growth company situations, I looked into DDCC, & so far am rather impressed. The fact that it is still trading at a miniscule price, & is a fully reporting company actually makes it a very good opportunity to take an early look.

I frankly suggest that you do some checking on your own. I’ll give you my initial findings & opinion in this short preliminary editorial.

My First Look

What drew my attention to this situation after a preliminary look was the fact that it has three related growth opportunities, each with exceptional market potential.

Since I have been writing about all sorts of mining situations for the last quarter century, when I find a gem, it becomes a real treat to bring it to you at what is probably the absolutely best investment point in its history.

Please recognize that this first preliminary introduction is so brief that you can read it in less than five minutes. I intend to interview CEO & Chairman Jerold S. Drew, &/or President Allen E. Lopez, continue to investigate, & bring you a more complete understanding of what I learn.

Assuming that you find this first look interesting, know that I will help you to fully understand this company’s potential. So far, it looks to be another winner.

My Initial Findings

The original business plan of DDCC was founded on the development of mineral mining projects for gold, silver, nickel & other precious metals. Energy resource projects, especially in the petroleum industry, are the main focus of the company's efforts & operations in support of U.S. & western hemisphere energy independence.

Double Crown’s three related growth opportunities are listed here & then detailed a bit in the next three sections of this editorial.

1. Marketing its patent-pending aggregate material transport system called TransLock² (the small “2” means TransLock Squared).

2. Oilfield Service & commodity supply projects.

3. Its 100% owned Bateman gold & nickel mining prospect near Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

The TransLock² Multi-Advantage Container System

TransLock² was designed for the efficient, economical, & environmentally friendly shipment of high tonnage aggregate commodities needed by oilfield drillers involved in hydraulic fracturing & off-shore drilling operations. It is also applicable to aggregate & fluid shipments for a wide range of other industries including agrculture, chemicals, construction, etc.

TransLock² is an advanced, patent-pending aggregate material transport system for water, road, & rail shipments. Its design goal was to use a standardized system for the majority of products – a system that is universal & universally superior to the existing model. It is, in essence, a global, universal macro logistics enhancement. It matches existing globally accepted container size, dimensions, weight restrictions, pickup points, delivery systems, & conveyance methods.

A standard rail car can transport a maximum of 100 tons of aggregate material. By connecting four TransLock² containers Double Crown's system is able to duplicate that same quantity of material to be transferred at close to or as close to the current transfer rate. Unlike a covered rail car, TransLock² containers can be off-loaded and used as silos &/or storage to be transferred at a time of choice. Also unlike a covered rail car, TransLock² containers can be utilized for a multitude of different products. These units can carry aggregates, chemicals, fluids, & virtually all types of commodity products.

Some TransLock² containers will be industry specific & will have industry specific hoses, valves, attachments, liners, etc., and conveyance delivery systems.

TransLock² can now offer a ready solution to the current significant capacity shortage in the North American rail industry which has been precipitated by the rapidly growing demands of the shale oil & gas drilling boom. TransLock² can be used to convert ordinary intermodal flatbed rail cars, which are available in plentiful supply but generally not useful for aggregate cargo, into 100 ton, sealed aggregate commodity carriers.

The Double Crown Resources plant at New Orleans has the potential to become a strategic hub to ship globally as TransLock² was designed to meet ISO global shipping standard & specifications. Because of its markedly higher efficiencies & advanced technical features, TransLock², along with Double Crown’s New Orleans plant & the benefits of intermodal rail transit, make this new system a clear logistical game changer.

More information is available at DDCC’s Internet site at

Oilfield Service & Commodity Supply

Here’s a quote from CEO Jerold S. Drew’s & President Allen E. Lopez’s letter to shareholders on 3/17/2015:

“Next, we would like to address the oilfield commodity supply orders we have been developing over the past several months. Due to the reorganization of drilling projects in response to lower oil prices throughout the global markets, oilfield service companies, including Double Crown, have seen many changes to the types and quantities of products needed. Double Crown is pleased to announce at this time that our clients have been requesting finalized sales quotations for industrial quantities of our products. The sample products that were provided by Double Crown have all passed the purchasers' own laboratory testing with regard to quality and all pricing has been quoted for the costs of materials and logistics to the various destinations globally. As a result, we are now awaiting new industrial quantity pilot supply programs to begin in the very near term and we anticipate purchase orders to follow.”

I suggest that you study the backgrounds of the rapidly growing management team – you can see their bios at

The Bateman Gold & Nickel Mining Prospect near Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Again, I suggest that you look at the following part of DDCC’s site at

My Opinion

This emerging growth situation is moving ahead at a fast pace. I like the fact that all three of its related business activities have, in my opinion, exceptional profit potential. I strongly suggest that you seriously look at this situation.


Double Crown Resources, Inc.
Jerold S. Drew, CEO & Chairman of the Board
10120 S. Eastern Ave. Suite 200
Henderson, Nevada 89052
Phone: (707) 961-6016

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